Massage Therapy

Massage therapy isn’t just a luxury; it’s a treasure trove of health benefits. At Gulf Coast NeuroSpa, we provide a diverse range of massage therapy services to help you achieve your optimal well-being.


Not Just a Luxury

Massage therapy offers numerous health benefits beyond mere relaxation. It can lower blood pressure, alleviate chronic pain and scar tissue, reduce anxiety, enhance sleep and mobility. At Guld Coast NeuroSpa, we emphasize holistic care, recognizing the interconnection between body and mind. Muscular issues can lead to emotional distress, and conversely, mental health struggles can result in physical tension and pain. We’re dedicated to both facilitating healing and educating our patients on the mind-body connection.

Elevating Wellness

Our wide range of massage therapy services includes stress relief, improved circulation, and relief from depression and anxiety. With over a decade of experience, our licensed massage therapist is dedicated to promoting wellness.

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The Gulf Coast NeuroSpa Difference

At Gulf Coast NeuroSpa, patients are treated to a uniquely individualized treatment regimen to meet specific needs. Each patient is met with a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere with complimentary snacks, beverages, and a coffee and tea bar. Our dedicated team of TMS certified specialists and office staff are attentive and compassionate, here to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Our Massage Therapy Services

Choose from our range of massage therapy services to begin feeling your best.


30 minute – $45.00

60 minute – $80.00

90 minute – $110.00

120 minute – $150.00

Our swedish massage is the perfect option for the ultimate relaxation experience. Focused on relieving muscle tension, improving circulation and blood flow, and promoting total relaxation, this full-body light to moderate pressure massage is a sublime option to unwind, decompress, and relieve muscle tension.


30 minute – $45.00

60 minute – $80.00

90 minute – $110.00

120 minute – $150.00

During pregnancy, the body is going through dramatic changes. Our pre-natal massage is designed specifically to bring relief to areas of the body affected by these changes. Improving circulation and relaxation are other crucial benefits of pre-natal massage for the mother-to-be. Massage during this time can also improve sleep and relieve anxiety.


Deep Tissue

30 minute – $55.00

60 minute – $95.00

90 minute – $125.00

120 minute – $175.00

Deep tissue massage is a superb option for those suffering from chronic back pain or tension. Using moderate to high pressure at the client’s discretion, this technique is designed to bring lasting relief.


30 minute – $45.00

60 minute – $70.00

as an add-on – $30.00

Reflexology is an ancient massage technique focused on pressure points in the feet and hands that can promote anxiety relief. Certain pressure points are believed to correlate to increasing blood flow circulation to certain organs and body parts. After a reflexology treatment, client’s are often left with immense feelings of relaxation.

Hot Stone

30 minute – $50.00

as an add-on – $15.00

It is well known that applying heat to areas of muscle tension can bring relief. Hot stone massage is a natural method of applying heat to areas of concern to bring about an even deeper level of relief and relaxation. Our hot stone massage is offered as a stand-alone massage or as an add-on to any of our massage packages.

Neuromuscular Massage

30 minute – $90.00

60 minute – $85.00

90 minute – $115.00

Neuromuscular Therapy, or NMT, is a highly specialized form of massage designed to target specific areas of muscular trauma, spasms, or chronic pain that may result from injury, frequent movement patterns, or chronic posture issues. Using a specialized technique, this treatment targets tightness in muscles that may be causing severe or sharp pain. NMT includes a full-body massage at any pressure level, with moderate to high pressure focused on areas of need, determined through a thorough pre-treatment screening and evaluation.

Cellulite Package

25 min 10wk – $500.00

Our cellulite reduction treatment is a special form of massage that smooths and reduces cellulite in any area of concern. Clients can begin to notice improvement after just one week.



Enhance any massage with aromatherapy. Essential oils of your choice will be blended into our massage oil for an even higher level of relaxation. Our massage therapist will discuss all essential oil options and the different benefits each option offers.

Paraffin Wax Add On


Paraffin wax is a luxurious add-on service. During this treatment, the feet or hands are dipped in warm, soothing paraffin wax and left to soak during your massage. This rejuvenating treatment leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy.